Flightcontrol Code of Excellence

Flightcontrol Code of Excellence

  • Go above and beyond. We’re not here to half-way do anything. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do a stellar job.
  • Tell the truth even when it hurts. We don’t tell white lies, and we don’t deceive. Even when it costs.
  • Take care of you and yours first, work second. Nothing matters more than family and close relationships. We never sacrifice them for work.
  • Treat people better than they deserve. Kindness and generosity guides how we treat everyone, including teammates and customers.
  • Give and receive feedback. Feedback is essential for growth. We highly value giving and receiving informal, constructive feedback between all members of the team, and then taking prompt action on that feedback.
  • Have a life outside work. It can be anything, hobbies, side projects, reading, etc. As long as you have something and work isn’t all you live for.
  • Eradicate stress. Stress is a killer, and we work to eliminate it through any means, including systems, exercise, and meditation.
  • Nothing is impossible. We believe we can create any future we imagine, and we lean into solving the things that seem impossible.
  • Build a legacy. We are here to do our very best work. Work that will inspire generations for years to come.